Burnham-On-Sea Beach easter weekend

Scientists have revealed that mud on Burnham-On-Sea beach could have hidden health properties and may become a sought-after beauty product in the future.

A group of scientific researchers from a Bristol firm has been investigating samples of mud and soft sand from the Somerset coastline in recent months and they have found that Burnham’s beach mud may have special qualities.

“The mud in Burnham is very unique given its location in a tidal river estuary where the River Parrett water and Bristol Channel sea water meet,” explains spokeswoman April Stevens.

“Our initial findings are that the mud contains sea salt, minerals and other natural chemicals that may make it potentially suitable as a high-end beauty product.”

She adds: “It’s too early to say definitively, but the initial findings are exciting. It opens up all kind of commercial possibilities for the future.”

“We are due to start talks with the local council today with a commercial operator about potentially getting regular access in between tides to several muddy areas of Burnham beach to use them as commercial ‘mud bathing areas’ for beauty treatments, and there’s even the possibility of bottling the mud for sale through specialist suppliers. It’s still early days, though.”

“We definitely don’t advise anyone uses the mud for beauty purposes just yet until the research has been fully completed, but we hope to announce more details later in the year.”

“It will come as a surprise to many local people that the mud here could have a practical use like this.”

  • Update: This was an April Fool’s Day story!
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