Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards were called out on Monday afternoon (March 27th) amid concern for a beach walker at low tide.

The Coastguard team was paged just after 2.15pm to reports of a person at the low tide line along Burnham-On-Sea beach.

On arrival, the Coastguards spoke to the member of the public who had called in the incident, who explained that he’d spotted someone right down on the low tide line that had “disappeared” from view.

Coastguard Officer Dave Welland said: “This stretch of beach has a set of mud shelves that go quite a way down to the water’s edge, and while some of it is fairly firm there are a lot of places where it is soft, and if you get into difficulty down there no-one would be able to see you.”

“While two of our mud technicians kitted up, one of the team spotted the person walking back along the beach towards the town slip. Our two mud techs continued to investigate the tideline to ensure there was no-one else there – we always do this to be 100% sure we have the right person and that there isn’t someone else in danger.”

“In this case the tide line was clear and the person in question was approached to ensure he was OK. He was a fisherman collecting lead weights lost from local fishing events.”

“The person who called it in was 100% right to do so – that stretch of beach is very low and it isn’t long before you are out of sight.”