Burnham-On-Sea’s Coastguards and BARB hovercrafts were called to Weston beach on Wednesday evening (June 6th) amid concern for six young people seen in the mud.

Crews from Burnham were called to the beach near the Grand Pier at just before 7pm to back up Weston Coastguards, as pictured here.

“After a brief period of assessing the situation it was clear that although the six people were struggling they were also making steady progress back towards the hard sand,” said a Coastguard spokesman.

“The tide was a fair distance off and they were in only mild peril as opposed to danger to life.”

“They were continually monitored until they reached the safety of the beach and then given safety advice by two Coastguards.”

“On our way back we decided to patrol our own beaches from Brean to Burnham which was lucky, one person had been off walking when the beach had closed trapping their car on the beach.”

“As we have keys to the gates we were able to assist them, however there were a few cars that had blocked the entrance to the beach. This is emergency access to the beach and should anyone be in trouble we might not be able to reach them. Please do not park in front of the gates. Fortunately both car drivers were just heading back and removed their vehicles in time.”

If you see anyone in danger or difficulty along the coast dial 999 and ask for the Coastguards.

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