Toy zebra missing
A mother has issued an unusual appeal for help… to find her two year-old son’s ‘very special’ missing toy zebra which was lost in Burnham-On-Sea last weekend.
Mum Amanda Riley says:  “I know it’s an usual request but it really would mean the world to us to get it back. Our little boy’s teddy zebra got lost somewhere in Burnham last Saturday, 6th April. People have been sharing posters for us and we think it went missing somewhere between Asda and Haven Holiday village? I am hoping someone local has seen it.”
“He is two years old, and the zebra has been with him since he was 1 day’s old and while he was in hospital. It’s a Jellycat teddy and they discontinued this particular teddy. He is lost without it and almost every photo of him includes his teddy!”
“When he sees a picture he keeps cuddling my phone asking where his Zebra is. It means everything to him and us to find it. We live 2 and half hours away from Burnham but have a caravan here and it would mean the world to find him again and reunite them.”