National Grid celebrates 2000th tree planted on Hinkley Connection Project

National Grid is this week celebrating the planting of a 2,000th tree on the Hinkley Connection Project – the new high-voltage line which will connect six million UK homes to low carbon energy from Hinkley Point C.

As part of National Grid’s commitment to reduce the visual impact of construction works and the permanent structures being built along the route, 1,257 trees, 39,527 mof woodland, and 9,960 linear metres of hedges were planted in the 2021/22 winter planting season.

The planting season runs from November to March each year and by March 2025 National Grid has committed to planting a total of 5,959 trees, 33,995 linear metres of hedgerow and 277,060 square metres of woodland planting.

This is an additional 5,306 trees, 93,446 square metres of woodland (the equivalent of more than 13 full size football pitches) and 23,540 linear metres (14.5 miles) of hedgerow over and above what was removed to enable construction on the Hinkley Connection Project.

Since Ground Control Ltd began planting on behalf of National Grid in January 2020, more than 16,940 linear metres of hedges, 93,545 m2 of woodland, and 2,656 trees have been planted along the route of the Hinkley Connection Project.

As part of the Hinkley Connection Project’s Off Site Planting and Enhancement Scheme (OSPES), National Grid and Ground Control Ltd have worked with over 500 landowners within 3km of the route who have requested planting on their land.

The specialist team design the most appropriate planting schemes for the area, using local plant life to help ensure the landscape’s rich ecosystems are maintained.

Steven Haskayne, Senior Project Manager on the Hinkley Connection Project, says: “National Grid has been committed to delivering environmental enhancements and leaving a lasting environmental legacy since the Hinkley Connection Project began. We’re delighted to have surpassed the milestone of planting the 2,000th tree along the route.”

“We’re now on track to deliver 5,306 more trees to the local area than we initially removed to enable construction.”

“It’s all part of our commitment to the minimising the impact of our works on local communities and leaving a positive legacy, long after our works are completed.”


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