A former Mayor of Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge has this week called on the Town Council to consider moving out of its current building and into a new premises in the town centre to save money and make it easier for residents to access its services.

Talking to Burnham-On-Sea.com, Neville Jones said: “It’s high time the town council capitalised on what I acquired for them – their present premises.”

“It was in the teeth of opposition at the 11th hour that I bought the premises in Jaycroft Road for £55,000.”

“Today, I think the property is worth £650,000, maybe £700,000 when you include the land that is used as a car park.”

He added: “But for around £300,000 the Town Council could demolish the scrap buildings at the back of The Princess which are falling apart, and build a suite of modern offices for their staff instead.”

“They’ll still have at least £300,000 in their pocket to invest or to relieve the local rate payers.”

“People will be able to get to the council offices far easier if they were in the town centre and it might encourage more to come along and hear what councillors are debating. Instead of four or five, they might get 10 or 15.”

Burnham and Highbridge Town Council has previously considered a move from its current premises in Jaycroft Road into The Princess Theatre but ruled that out due to space issues.