A new photographic exhibition has opened in Burnham-On-Sea to feature the lost holidays of lockdown 2020.

Burnham-On-Sea photographer Jacob Dear has compiled the display of local photos that he took during the first lockdown last year.

The exhibition was formally opened on Thursday (August 12th) by Mayor Cllr Mike Facey in the new Pizey Gallery space at The Princess Theatre and it runs through until September 11th.

“The concept for ‘Lost Holiday’ was to document the town, business and people who had been affected by the lack of tourism due to the lockdown,” he says.

“I wanted to capture the images early in the morning, not just because the light is aesthetically beautiful, but as a kid, I remember when I first visited Burnham on holiday, waking up early, full of excitement as the sun rose.”

“This memory I had of Burnham made me wonder how the juxtaposition would look if I made the same images I remember, but during a pandemic.”

“Making this project has helped me to reconnect with my hometown.”

The solo exhibition of 15 photos is open from 11am-4pm Monday to Friday and entry is free of charge.

The Mayor said: “I have been a big follower of Jacob ever since he opened the Brickworks Studio in Burnham last year and it is great to see him close working with The Princess. I’m keen to see local artists getting supported in our towns.”

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