New fitness classes have been launched in a bid to help elderly people in Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge get more active.

The brand new classes, called FABS (Flexibility, Aerobics, Balance and Strength), have started this month and intend to help residents aged over 60 remain active for as long as possible.

The sessions are being run by Burnham resident Anne Panesar, who worked as a NHS counsellor for several years and decided to retrain as an instructor so she could deliver exercise classes to older people.

Anne told that the sessions cover all aspects of health, flexibility, aerobics, balance and strength, and can be undertaken seated, standing or supported.

She adds: “I am happy to say that the Over 60s Exercise Class at Berrow Village Hall has had a successful start. Next week will be our 3rd week and I am now offering two classes 1.30-2.30 and 3-4pm.”

“It’s fun and laughter while getting fitter and healthier. The class is social and suitable for any adult who would like to become more physically active in a low impact way – our exercise programme focusses on flexibility, aerobic health, balance and strength.

She adds: “Until recently I was working in the NHS and I know first hand how important it is for health to be more active and exercise.”

“A little is good, more is better.  I have always loved dancing to music myself and so when the opportunity came along to retrain to deliver exercise to music classes for older people I jumped at it.”

“I particulaly want to run classes out in the community so that people do not have to travel to find a class.”

“There’s no need to book, just turn up, but you are welcome to contact me if you have any questions beforehand.”

The FABS programme combines exercises that have been scientifically proven by the Centre for Healthy Ageing Research at the University of Birmingham to ‘turn back the clock’ and help people to lead happier, healthier and longer lives.

She adds: “The exercises we do in class are easy to follow and can be done seated or standing.  It’s a fantastic way to get together with other people in the area, keep fit and have fun doing it!”

“Music is a great motivator for moving and we exercise to a variety of music from all eras.  I encourage people to let me know if they have a favourite song and I will have a go at putting a fun exercise routine to it.”

“Physical activity has many benefits for older adults.  It is as important to be active at 80 years old as it is at 20.  Make a start today – it’s never too late!”

The classes are £5 on a pay as you go basis and are on Mondays with 2 classes from 1.30-2.30pm and also at 3-4 pm, so people can come at the time slot that suits them.

Contact Anne on 07421762532 or via Facebook at @MIOLIAnnePanesar

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