A new tattoo studio has opened in Highbridge town centre, supporting the Burnham-based mental health support charity Somewhere House Somerset.

Coping Studios has opened at 110a Church Street and is offering a wide range of body artwork.

Talking to Burnham-On-Sea.com, owner Sam Scott says he has already had plenty of positive feedback about the new business and he’s keen to see more small businesses opening in Highbridge.

“There are far too many flats and homes being built in the town without new shops and businesses opening – we need new business to support Highbridge.”

“When I saw this place was available I thought it would be a great to open a tattoo shop.”

Sam, who lives in Highbridge, has been in the tattoo trade for over a decade, having previously worked at a Bridgwater tattoo studio.

As Sam has previously struggled with mental health, and briefly had skin cancer, he says the choice of which charity to support was easy.

“Somewhere House Somerset do great work in providing mental health support locally. I have previously struggled with mental health issues myself in the past so know the great work they do. We are keen to help them all we can and will be holding regular fundraising events.”

The new shop is being run with friends Kez and Dave Dancy. Kez told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “Somewhere House Somerset do a fantastic job in offering support to people with mental health problems.”

“There have been stigmas around mental health but all of us here have dealt with mental health problems in the past and we want to support the work that Somewhere House Somerset do.”

Their first event will be a Mental Health Day event on Thursday ,May 30th when they will offering £15 tattoos from 11am-5pm with all profits going to Somewhere House Somerset.

The shop also displays the colourful work of local artists from the Burnham-On-Sea area, providing customers with inspiration for tattoos.