A fresh jetty safety warning has been issued by Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards this week following several safety scares in recent days.

A man paddling in waist-deep water was seen holding the chains at the end of the jetty last night (Monday July 18th) while the tide flowed in around him, pictured here.

Coastguards were alerted and the man fortunately managed to wade back through the water at 8.45pm after warnings from several people.

Over the weekend, the jetty supervisor and RNLI lifeguards also warned several people on  and around the jetty about safety.

A Burnham Coastguard spokesman says: “Our jetty is not a place to hang out and reach the water from – a small amount of water can and will easily take you off your feet dragging you into the strong currents.”

“Children are particularly at risk and even with a parent close by it still isn’t safe. There are signs on the jetty warning about the danger and we urge people to stay safe and heed the safety messages.”

Burnham-On-Sea jetty rescue

In August 2012, Dylan Cecil, a four year-old, sadly died after a fall from the jetty.  A number of safety enhancements were introduced in the wake of the tragedy, including improved signage, an audible warning system at the jetty building, and enhanced lifeguarding during the busy summer holidays.

In May 2020, video footage showed the moment a boy was saved from the sea next to Burnham jetty after a safety scare.

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