Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge residents are being encouraged to get fit by trying out Nordic Walking this Autumn.

King Alfred’s Sports Centre in Highbridge is introducing new Nordic Walking courses, which differs from ordinary hiking with poles as it requires some specialist training and the poles used are different size to standard hiking poles.

1610 Health Development Manager Amanda Godsell says that Nordic Walking is a must-do fitness activity for people of all ages.

She told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “We have trialled Nordic Walking Courses in West Somerset and it has proved to be a great success as it appeals to so many people of different fitness abilities and ages.”

“It’s easy to do, it gets you outside enjoying the beautiful countryside that we are lucky enough to enjoy here in Somerset, and it is very kind on the body but helps burn more calories than ordinary walking.”

“There is some training to do to grasp the Nordic Walking technique so we wanted to extend the courses to a wider community in Somerset and it is also a very sociable activity to take up. It is good for mind and body!”

She added that Nordic Walking is popular with people of all ages and fitness levels as it helps tone the upper body and helps weight loss. “It involves walking with poles which help propel walkers along. It uses 90% of the major muscle group in the upper body, it burns between 20% and 40% extra calories, it protects joints, and is great for people with back and neck problems.”

The Nordic Walking course will be held at King Alfred’s Sports Centre in Highbridge from Saturday 5th November – 10th December 10am-11am. The course cost is £30 for non-members and £24 for members.

For more details of Nordic Walking courses with 1610, contact Amanda Godsell Tel 01643 708815 or email MGodsell@1610.org.uk.

Pictured: Nordic Walkers getting fit by striding out (photo Malcolm Jarvis)