Ross Minton, Headteacher at Churchfield Church School in Highbridge

Ofsted inspectors have praised Highbridge’s Churchfield School for its efforts during the Coronavirus pandemic following a monitoring visit.

Headteacher Ross Minton, pictured, has expressed his pride after being given the outcome of this month’s monitoring inspection, which was carried out remotely by Ofsted.

While the school’s current ‘requires improvement’ rating cannot change as a result of a monitoring inspection, the report sent to Churchfield following the virtual visit concluded that the school has been taking effective action to provide education for its children in the current circumstances, despite the many challenges posed by the pandemic.

The reports state that the school’s leaders have thought carefully about the best way to deliver its home learning package and that consultation with staff and parents has meant that their views could be taken on board.

Specific mention has been made of the additional support offered to students with special educational needs, and remote learning was supported with electronic devices loaned to families who need them.

Mr Minton says: “Since arriving in May last year we have faced a difficult time for everyone and in school but I have the real sense that we are making a change for the better.”

“We have faced up to unique challenges and I am incredibly proud of how staff  and pupils have responded to all of them. The school is on its way up!”

“On reading the report, I was particularly pleased to see that inspectors recognised that the school’s leaders and staff rightly pride themselves on the efforts they are making to engage pupils in their learning.”

“They could also see the high levels of monitoring being done to ensure that our children are continuing to get the best education they can.”

“I am so proud of the school and the rapid progress we have made – there is still lots to do, but being driven by getting all children having an excellent education, we will not stop working hard!”


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