The World Paper Aeroplane Championships are set to be held in Burnham-On-Sea’s town centre this Sunday (21st June).

Burnham-On-Sea residents and visitors will get a chance to become a world champion during the inaugural event, where the longest flight of the day will be named the winner.

It will get underway in Burnham High Street from 10am when entrants will be able to fold their plane and then let it soar into the air.

The event is being organised by Burnham and Highbridge Town Council and is free to enter. Entrants will be able to take part as many times as they wish.

Town Centre Manager, Bev Milner Simonds, told “It is hoped that this free to attend, family-focused fun event will bring people into the town centre for the day. I am looking forward to seeing a World Champion crowned at 4pm.”

The rules for World Paper Aeroplane Championships will be:

1. Paper planes must only be constructed on site from one piece of the provided official paper; standard A4 format, not more than 100 grams.

2. The paper can be launched in any aeroplane form of your choice. Ten designs will be available to copy or you can use a style of your choice.

3. The sheet must be modified by folding only, no ripping, cutting, gluing or stapling is allowed!

4. The aircraft must be launched by one person throwing the aircraft unaided from behind a straight launch line marked on the floor. Passing over the launch line will lead to an invalid attempt.

5. The longest distance will be measured with a standardised tape measure from the starting line to where the paper plane lands.