A warning has been issued to Burnham-On-Sea motorists to be extra vigilant after several vehicles parked in the town have been attacked by vandals.

Police are investigating several cases across Burnham-On-Sea and Berrow during recent days where petrol tanks have been attacked and drained, leaving motorists with high repair costs.

Two elderly Burnham residents living in Ellens Cottages in Berrow Road are among those affected.

One resident, Sally Osborne, told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “My car and another resident’s car were targeted last Friday. It’s going to cost £600 to repair and I’ll have to pay the first £200 as part of my insurance waiver.”

“Sadly, the other resident was only third-party insured, so her insurance will not pay out and they’ve advised her that her car would be a write-off due to the costs involved.”

“I didn’t know anything had happened until I got into my car and when I turned on the ignition, the car beeped to say there was no fuel left. The garage found the vandals had damaged the petrol tank with a screwdriver.”

She added: “I want other people in Burnham to be aware this is happening so they keep an eye out.”

“In February this year, another resident had her car fuel tank smashed here with a screwdriver and all the fuel was stolen. This resulted in £700 worth of damage.”

Sally says her car is out of action for ten days and she’s having to depend on family members and friends to get groceries and run errands.

Several other cars in Berrow and Burnham have also been attacked in recent weeks. Anyone with information about the incidents should call Burnham-On-Sea Police on 101.