A new warning has been issued to residents in Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge following a fresh phone scam.

Sedgemoor District has been contacted by several worried residents in recent days who have received phone calls from people claiming to be working with the council.

“The tricksters tell customers that they are due a reduction in their Council Tax band and ask them for their bank details to enable the refund to be made,” explained a council spokeswoman.

“However, if any customer has recently received a phone call and been asked for their bank details they should phone the Council to check the validity before disclosing any details.”

“If, at any time, a customer has any doubt about the identity of a person telephoning and claiming to work for Sedgemoor they should request a name and extension number and ring 01278 435435 (Sedgemoor Direct) to confirm the caller’s identity.”

The council advises loal people to check that phone calls are really from Sedgemoor.