Berrow School has hosted an outdoor festival for students with a range of fun activities.

The festival – based around the school’s Forest School activities – comes after the school worked hard in recent months to renovate their outdoor areas and amid growing popularity among pupils.

The event – held for the first in three years due to the pandemic – had the underlying theme of ‘inclusion and diversity’, making sure that the activities were accessible and achievable for all.

“The school-based activities involved the children working through during the day in mixed year groups. Once the festival tents were pitched, the day began!”

“One activity included pebble artwork. The pebbles were then used to compliment a  ‘contemplation zone garden’ where the artwork from all 200 students was placed among the schools’ symbols (also painted by a student) and flowers.”

“This area is now allocated for outdoor worship and own thoughts, or just a place to congregate and listen to nature.”

“The children were introduced to new skills, such as whittling, weaving and making wooden jewellery.  The children were were all very proud of their achievements and even toasted their own marshmallows around the new firepit.”

A sensory walk was also among the activities which included children helping each other through a blindfold challenge course, barefoot.

“Their senses were tantilised with smells of herbs, hugging trees en route and feeling the grass between their toes.”

“This activity was chosen to make sure, no matter any capability, all are included at Berrow and celebrated for their uniqueness.”

“We are very proud of our school and it was a wonderful day with the added bonus of glorious weather!”

“The smiles from the children said it all. The school would like to thank the support from local businesses – Unity Farm, the Co-Op in Berrow, Westcroft Nurseries and Coates Willow Centre.”

“We have many adventures to come with the continuing development of our outdoor learning areas. If any local businesses would like to support us in this venture, then please contact us via for further information.”

Parents wishing to find out more about the school can call 01278 783614 or to arrange a visit.


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