Burnham-On-Sea sea swimming group

A group of hardy Burnham-On-Sea swimmers who take part in regular sea swimming sessions say the town’s sea water quality has improved.

The Burnham Sea Swimming group comprises of 20 triathletes and swimmers in wet suits who meet regularly on the seafront for training swims along to the jetty and to the low lighthouse when tide times allow.

While Burnham’s Stert Island Swim hasn’t been held since 2015 – and won’t be returning again this summer – due to the EU’s sea water regulations ‘black-listing’ Burnham, the group says this doesn’t affect them.


Talking to Burnham-On-Sea.com, the group’s Mike Gardner said: “Sea water quality is not an issue for us.”

“The water quality here in Burnham hasn’t got worse – it’s got better in recent years. The only thing that’s changed is how the water quality survey is carried out.”

The swimmers are monitored closely from the seafront during the swims to ensure their safety.

Meanwhile, work is continuing by Wessex Water, Sedgemoor District Council, Litter Free Coast & Sea Somerset and other groups to improve Burnham’s sea water quality with the hope of meeting the EU’s stringent regulations in the future. The EU rules make getting insurance cover for the Stert Island Swim impossible.

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