The team at Burnham-On-Sea’s Hillview Carnival Club have put the finishing touches to their huge Caribbean-themed cart for the start of the new carnival season.

Our video shows the cart, called ‘Iko Iko’, leaving Highridge on Saturday morning (November 2nd) as it headed to the first event in the Guy Fawkes circuit, the Bridgwater Carnival.

The team of 20 volunteers are now looking forward to the 2019 Burnham-On-Sea Carnival on Monday November 4th.

“Excitement is growing,” Hillview Carnival Club Chairman Duncan Britton told this week when we visited the club.

“We have had a huge amount of support these last few weeks to get the cart finished. Many of the team have taken time off work to put in extra hours and ensure it will be ready for Bridgwater on Saturday night.”

“The theme of our cart this year is the Caribbean – it’s a really fun, colourful entry with peacocks, parrotts, palm trees and some wonderful costumes.”

“We are a small local juvenile club with 25 children aged 7-16 and 12 of them are new to the club this year. They have their costumes ready and their routines, so the excitement is really building now.”

“There’s been a great team effort with building the cart, fundraising, making the costumes, and getting everything ready. We are looking forward to our home carnival in Burnham on Monday – there’s always a great vibe driving the cart through the town.”

He added that it’s the club’s sixth year of building the cart on the site of Burnham Waste and he thanked Terry Rickard and his family for all their support.

Burnham-On-Sea Carnival 2019


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