Motorists experienced delays on the M5 through the Burnham-On-Sea area on Monday, 4th July when drivers took part in a fuel price protest.

A slow-moving 30mph roadblock took place along the northbound carriageway of the motorway from Bridgwater, reaching Burnham-On-Sea at 9.20am, as pictured here.

Several vehicles blew their horns and there were tailbacks of traffic towards junction 23.

The protest was organised by the Stand Up To Fuel Prices South West M4/M5 group.

Before the event, Mike, one of the organisers, said: “Obviously the main reason is the cost of over £2 a litre, it’s ridiculous.”

“The fact that they blame the war in Ukraine is not a valid point. When we had Covid, a barrel of fuel cost more than it does now but they were able to get the cost down.”

Police had warned of significant disruption, and there were delays of around 10-15 minutes before normal traffic levels returned.

After passing Burnham’s junction 22, the vehicles continued past Sedgemoor Services, Weston and Clevedon up to the Almondsbury Interchange.

Other routes affected include the M4 Severn Bridge between England and Wales in both directions.

Police say they expect the protests may also have a knock-on effect on other roads too as drivers seek alternative routes.

Superintendent Paul Wigginton said: “Working alongside Gwent Police, we are engaging with the various organisers of these protests.”

“People have a right to peaceful protest and liaison teams from both Gwent and Avon and Somerset have been working to understand campaigners’ plans so public safety is maintained and to reduce disruption to others.”

“Nevertheless, drivers can expect journey times will likely be longer than normal, especially on motorways and main roads during the busiest times of the day.”

“We advise motorists consider any alternative travel plans available and ensure they are suitably prepared in case they are delayed.”

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