Burnham-On-Sea Pier has been named as one of ‘the UK’s best tiny attractions’ by a national newspaper this week.

The Guardian newspaper has run a feature on ‘Little Britain: 10 of the UK’s best tiny attractions’ and named Burnham Pavilion – which is Briatin’s shortest pier – at number one.

The paper says: “Nothing says British seaside like a pier, and as an example of British understatement, Burnham-On-Sea’s, at just 37 metres long, has no equal.”

“The minuscule structure looks even smaller against the vast expanse of sand and mudflats on which it sits. This coast experiences the second-highest tidal range in the world (after the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia) and at low tide the sea is a mile and a half away.”

“Britain’s shortest pier has a selection of little outlets selling refreshments, and a larger cafe than might be expected in such a small space (it seats just more than 100).”

“But the pier’s true glory is its amusement arcade and bingo hall. The pavilion that houses them takes up about three-quarters of the pier, leaving just a little room on one side for those who prefer to promenade outside. In short, it has all the essentials of a pier with the bonus that it looks like a model of a proper one, which somehow adds an extra layer to the entertainment on offer.”