The pilot of a low-flying plane which shocked beach users in Brean this week has been criticised by an aviation expert.

Eyewitness Rob Keeping, who was on the beach at the time, says he intends to report the incident involving a single-engine plane to the Civil Aviation Authority.

Rob, a pilot with 25 years of flying experience, told “It was downright dangerous to have flown a plane so low along the tideline with people about on the beach below. I estimate it was only around 30-50ft above the sea.”

“If the engine had spluttered the plane would have quickly come down into the water, putting the pilot’s life in danger and potentially the families on the beach around.”

The incident, captured on video, saw the plane fly over several groups of beach users paddling in the sea during this week’s hot weather.

“The plane swooped low along the beach and then flew in a northerly direction before climbing steeply to soar over Brean Down where it was lost from sight,” added Rob.

Brean’s beach warden says he also saw the plane and added that the incident is being investigated by police.