Apex Park in Highbridge

A poor fox has been found drowned in a lake at Apex Park in Highbridge after getting its head stuck in a large crisp packet and falling into a lake.

The animal’s body was discovered recently and a disturbing image has been shared online in a bid to raise awareness against littering.

The photo of the dead animal shows it lying on its side in the water with the crisp packet covering its head.

Somerset Against Animal Persecution shared the image on social media as a warning which has been blurred below.

They wrote: “Please put your litter in the bin. This poor fox got his head stuck in a crisp packet and fell into the water at the Apex.”

Social media users have been left upset at the image. One wrote: “This is so sad and so unnecessary what an awful death for this poor animal. I’m so sorry poor fox.” Another added: “This angers me so much… so sad and unnecessary.”

A spokeswoman for Somerset Against Animal Persecution who found the fox said: “My dog sniffed it out and I burst into tears when I saw it, I was so upset. I’m a conservation psychologist and I watched David Attenborough’s Extinction documentary the other day and it just made me really depressed.”

“There is a lot of litter at the Apex because it’s so popular. You see all these photos of turtles and seagulls caught in plastic, but you don’t really expect to see it in your local area. The consequences of littering for wildlife are huge, absolutely massive.”


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