Highbridge Post Office should re-open next to Highbridge Library in a bid to boost the footfall of both the services, a town councillor has proposed this week.

As reported, Highbridge Post Office closed down in April and consultation is underway on plans to close Highbridge Library.

But town councillor Phil Harvey has suggested that the post office should re-open in a smaller premises at the front of Alpha House in Market Street, next to the town’s library.

During a Town Council meeting this week, he said: “I just wonder whether we could solve two problems in Highbridge at the same time by moving the Post Office adjacent to the library premises.”

“At the moment Sedgemoor District Council has given planning approval to convert the front bottom floor of Alpha House into flats.”

“If they didn’t implement the approval for one flat directly next door to the library, that would be enough room to accommodate the post office.”

“There are lots of hurdles that would have to be overcome such as whether it’s economic and does it work, but I think it’s worth this council considering.”

John Fones, who is leading the ‘Save Highbridge Library’ campaign, welcomed the suggestion.

He told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “There definitely could be synergy between the two interests.”

“Having a post office inside the library or next door would be mutually useful.”

He added: “It would boost footfall for both services, potentially allow people to be shared to run the two, and also turn the place into a real community hub. It’s worth exploring.”

The Town Clerk told the meeting that discussions are underway on the future of Highbridge library with Somerset County Council.