A Burnham-On-Sea theatrical group is set to perform an engaging historical drama in the town’s theatre this Friday (11th September).

The Princess Theatre Company will perform ‘Singing for Supper’, written by Max Taylor, the writer of last year’s successful ‘Kiss me Donkey’.

The show follows the life and fortunes of Horace the Poet, who doesn’t know which way to turn, when it comes to poetry, women or politics.

The story is set in ancient Rome, the civil war has been lost, and Caesar Augustus has seized power. For Horace, a young poet who had fought bravely for democracy, the result means ruin.

But then a senior minister summons him: Should he be open to persuasion or stab the man to death? Must Rome’s ancient democracy be destroyed? The play carries a warning for the world today, where in the last few years, more than twenty democracies have been destroyed in a scramble for power.

Kim Cook, from the Princess Theatre Company, said: “This is another great play from Max Taylor who, as well as being a playwright, is a keen historian.”

Max explained why he wanted to write about Horace. “In England three hundred years ago, Horace was famous: children were named after him and politicians quoted him (in latin). His poems taught the world how to live. But what about the girls he wrote about and loved – almost all of them freed slaves? I’ve tried to see the brutal Roman world through their eyes, and here too we can find lessons for today.”

Lewis Coleman, who plays Horace, added: “Horace is a very complex character and goes through a whole range of emotions during the course of the play. He never knows which way to turn and is trying to please everyone.”

Naomi Nicholson, playing Chloe, admitted: “One of the things I love about this play is that it features two strong women, and let’s face it, we all love to boss the men about a bit sometimes.”

Tickets for the show are on sale now. Friday’s performance starts at 7.30pm at The Princess Theatre. Tickets are £6 / £4 and can be bought online at princesstheatreandartscentre.co.uk or by calling 01278 784464 or in person at the Princess Theatre box office.