For the third time this year Rotary and Burnham Army Cadets turned out to pick up litter on both sides of Queen’s Drive over the weekend.

It really doesn’t take long for both verges to be liberally sprinkled with rubbish, which ranges from cigarette ends to wheel disks and large plastic boxes, planks of wood and even drainpipes.

“Nine of the scouts plus their sergeant and six Rotarians collected a record amount of rubbish this time while Rotarian George Moon, complete with bucket and mop, cleaned the approach signs and also the Frank Foley road sign,” said a spokesman for the Rotary Club.

“Yes, holiday-making visitors can be blamed for quite a lot of throw-aways but other visitors to our town, I wouldn’t dream of saying locals, must take their share of the vandalism of our lovely approach to Burnham along this drive.”