Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge town councillors should hold more open ‘Question Time’ sessions when members of the public could quiz them about topical local issues, one resident has called this week.

Resident Sylvia Young told this week’s council meeting that more should be done to give residents a say.

“I’d like to see an open ‘Question Time’ meeting,” she said. “Who knows it might encourage locals to attend the meetings and get out from behind their computer screens and pseudonyms.”

She went on to propose that the layout of the Town Council chambers is rearranged to be more public-friendly.

“Can I suggest you rearrange your seating so that the backs of the top table actually faces members of the public so that the semi-circle of councillors would face the public.”

“Then, when we cannot hear a word that’s being said, at least we stand a chance of lip reading!”

Burnham’s Mayor, Cllr Michael Clarke, thanked her for the suggestions and said the proposals “would be considered.”