Work has been completed on a new short film that recreates how Burnham-On-Sea’s railway station would have looked in its heyday.

Film maker Vic Jones has used computer graphics software to painstakingly compile the ten minute video from information in old photos and maps.

The footage shows how Burnham Railway Station in the town’s Pier Street would have looked, above, and also recreates a journey from Highbridge.

Vic has finished the footage despite a setback last year when he temporarily lost a lot of his data in a computer crash, but he has spent many hours to finish the job.

“I am very interested in old disused railway routes, but it can take quite a while to research and complete,” he told “I’ve enjoyed researching Burnham’s rail station and hope that others will enjoy watching it.”

“The video takes viewers from Highbridge East station crossing the main Exeter to Bristol line and then on to Burnham station, with views from within a first class carriage and of the surrounding scenery.”

“The journey shows the view that holidaymakers would have viewed in the 1930s and 40’s before the line closed to passenger traffic in 1951.”

The railway station in Burnham’s Pier Street was opened on 3rd May 1858 with the name ‘Burnham’ and it was not until 12th July 1920 that the suffix ‘on-Sea’ was added.

The station closed to regular passenger traffic in October 1951, although summer excursions continued until 8th September 1962.

A clip of the video, which is being placed on YouTube, is shown below: