Parking permit zone sign (Photo Crookesmoor)

A brand new residents parking permit scheme could be introduced in Burnham-On-Sea to resolve on-street parking issues.

Somerset County Council is currently consulting on proposals to introduce the new parking scheme in Burnham’s Dunstan Road and Kingsway Road.

It comes after residents raised concerns about a lack of parking spaces along their streets as non-residents frequently occupy spaces.

A Somerset County Council spokesman told “We have received a petition from residents of Dunstan Road requesting that Somerset County Council investigates what options are available to improve parking in the area, including the introduction of a permit parking scheme.”

“Consultation is underway until Monday November 4th 2019 seeking views on the introduction of a permit parking area along with indentifying concerns about parking, demand and potential solutions.”

If permit parking is introduced within Dunstan Road and Kingsway Road and potentially the surrounding area, this will create a ‘permit parking only area’ where any vehicle parked on the road would have to own a valid permit during the controlled hours.

The council says residents would be able to apply for two annual permits for their vehicle, reduced by one if the property has off-road parking. These would be charged at £60 for the first vehicle and £100 for the second vehicle. Low-emission vehicles benefit from discounts.

All residents would also be able to apply for an annual visitor permit at a cost of £60 for use by their visitors. A daily scratch card (maximum of 100 per year) would also be available at 30p each.

The council adds that current legislation requires that any parking enforcement scheme must cover its cost without being a burden to general council tax payers, hence the charges.

Affected residents have all been sent letters by the county council explaining the scheme and inviting them to submit feedback by the deadline.

One resident, Tim Duke, told “The parking issues have been going on for about 20 years here – people who work in the town centre park here in the daytime free of charge. Sometimes we see 30 free spaces on Sundays but then you’re lucky to get a space after 9am on weekdays.”

“Many wonder if this will solve the problem – the streets will be empty in the daytime during the week and the problem will just move elsewhere in Burnham.”

Another resident welcomed the proposals but said they felt “it is a cheek” for the council to expect residents to pay up to £160 per year to park two cars outside their homes.


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