Burnham and Highbridge Sea Cadets has welcomed the Captain of the Sea Cadet Corps for the first time in the group’s 43 year-history – and unveiled the name of a new rowing boat.

During his visit, Captain Phil Russell RN met with all of the cadets and staff whilst observing the lessons the cadets were undertaking that evening.

He also was given a tour of the facility by the Commanding Officer, who highlighted some of the current developments that are been made to improve and enable further training in the near future.

To complete the evening, Captain Russell RN kindly offered to unveil the name of the Cadets’ new Trinity 500, a rowing boat designed specifically for SCC use and is used nationwide by Sea Cadets.

Following the sad death of Hilary Rose, the Chairman of the Committee for Burnham & Highbridge Sea Cadets at the time, the unit were bequeathed some money in her will.

It was decided with both the committee and staff that this money should be spent purchasing something that the cadets would directly benefit from, as Mrs Rose worked tirelessly to raise money for them whilst in her post as Chairman of the Committee.

As a tribute to all of her hard work, the unit felt it would only be right that this new Trinity 500 would be named after her.

The Commanding Officer, Lt (SCC) Bob Silverthorne RNR said: “I am very proud of the cadets and staff who, as always, did the unit proud during the Captain’s visit. Captain Phil Russell RN was extremely impressed by everything and everyone he saw and it was a great pleasure for the Captain to see what I see every parade night.”

“The name unveiling of our new Trinity was a big moment for the unit as Hilary Rose played such a big part in the unit and always worked tirelessly to ensure we had what we needed. Hilary is missed by us all and we feel this is a fitting tribute to her.”

To join this fast growing unit, either as a cadet (10-18), staff or a committee role, please contact the unit on 781028.