A holiday park in Brean has formally recognised its partnership with Secret World Wildlife Rescue by naming a wood after the charity.

Holiday Resort Unity has dedicated a piece of woodland on its site, called Secret Wood, after it has become a prime release site for Secret World’s garden birds and rabbits.

This year, the charity has released many of its animals in the woodland with the support of the resort’s managers.

Pre-release pens and aviaries have been constructed in the wood as well as a new bird hide so guests can engage with the woodland’s wildlife.

Secret World is constantly looking for suitable release sites for their wild animals after they have successfully completed their rehabilitation and are ready for release back into the wild.

Jamie Kingscott, Secret World’s Release Manager, told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “Our aim is to return adult animals to the place where they were rescued, returning them to their known homes where food and water sources are familiar. However, this is not always possible for orphaned wildlife and we have to find new homes for them.”

“This year we’ve been able to release several different animals into the woods at Unity Farm. It’s great not only for our rescued wildlife but also for the woodland ecosystem and the rhyne (canal) that runs through it.”

“Mick Rayner has been a huge help and is always keen to put his skills to good use to help wildlife. We are very grateful for it.”

Mick Rayner, Head Gardener at Holiday Resort Unity, added: “The Secret Wood is the final phase of a three-year project and part of our award-winning conservation area. We’re really pleased to partner with Secret World to share this fantastic facility with our guests.”

“In 2019, Holiday Resort Unity will be launching an educational programme for our guests to get more involved with the conservation of the site. Our partnership aims to support Secret World with their rehabilitation of wildlife and build on their release programme.”

The Secret Wood will be used to give guests a taste of nature, offering interactive experiences including a quiz for children to explore and observe their surroundings as they walk through the woodland trail.

Commenting on the partnership, Samantha Hannay, Head of External Relations for Secret World, said: “This is a wonderful opportunity to gain a new corporate partnership which benefits the community and wildlife. Working with this enthusiastic and dedicated team, we can combine our objectives to help engage young people with the environment and to gain an appreciation of wildlife.”

L-R: Jamie Kingscott (Secret World) and Mick Rayner (Holiday Resort Unity) pictured in Secret Wood – a wood at Holiday Resort Unity, named to formally mark its close relationship with Secret World Wildlife Rescue – a leading animal charity in the South West