The £650 million bid to build a huge Severn barrage between Brean Down, near Burnham-On-Sea, and Wales has been referred to the Deputy Prime Minister, we can reveal.

The proposal for a 1km wide barrage between Lavernock Point in Wales and Brean (pictured) was unveiled earlier this month by Welsh entrepreneur Gareth Woodham.

This week, he told “Because the planning application is so technical and unique, we have been trying to find a way forward with both Sedgemoor and Glamorgan District Councils.”

“They have both been very helpful and the plan is now going to be dealt with by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.”

Welsh entrepreneur Gareth Woodham“I expect to have talks on Tuesday or Wednesday this week with them.”

“I believe the scheme is now at a very critical stage. We have got to the tricky stage of assessing how we go from here.” revealed earlier this month how Welsh businessman Gareth Woodham had launched an ambitious plan to build the barrage.

The scheme includes 12 ‘islands’ with plush executive housing, a dual carriageway and even plans a light railway.

The project will also include 14 electricity generating turbines, four marinas and two lock gates to give ships passage.

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