This was the moment a brave Burnham-On-Sea fundraiser completed a 15,000ft sky dive for a charity close to his heart.

Andy Hutton Young took to the skies above Salisbury Plain on Sunday (February 24th) with the aim of raising funds for The UK Sepsis Trust in memory of two of ‘amazing’ friends who last year died from Sepsis.

Talking to, Andy said: “One was like a second mother to me during my teenage years and an incredible lady. The other was a work colleague from my days in the military who made everyone smile as much as he did. It is in their memory that I completed Sunday’s jump.”

“Surprisingly to me, I was not nervous at all — even as I got into the aircraft and watched other people jump out at various heights.”

“We finally got to my altitude after about 10 minutes and the views were staggering. At 15,000ft everything is just dots…. until you free fall at 125mph and then things get big quickly.”

Andy, who is a Burnham-On-Sea Coastguard, added: “It was a strange feeling but what an adrenaline rush and an amazing experience!”

“Thanks to so many generous people, I have raised £1,130 for The UK Sepsis Trust which can do so much good.”

“This was for Gaz and Carol and it was nice to be 15,000ft closer to them… for a very short period of time. Now I’m home, I’m raising a Jack Daniels to them both.”

”Not sure I’ll do it again but for the charity, it meant a lot to me.”

To support Andy with his fundraising, see


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