A group of slimmers in Burnham-On-Sea is celebrating after losing a huge 30 stone between them.

12 male members of Burnham-On-Sea’s Slimming World group have successfully lost the weight and have been celebrating ‘Men Of The Year 2015’ awards.

Five members were selected as the group winners after losing an amazing 23 stone.

Darren, the first class winner, lost four stone while Alan Calaminus lost four stone, Bryan Chivers six stone, John Holmes four stone, and David Gordon five stone. The runners-up were Jason McPhee, Karl Hodge, Jason Everliegh, John Beck, Danny Maher and Justin Wilkins.

Keran Parker, who runs the Burnham group, said: “My congratulations go to them all. Every week I see their determination and I’m very proud of them all.”

“Their commitment and determination to succeed bowls me over. They’re not on their own – I’m with them all the way.”

“Support at class has helped them with changing their ways, choosing sensibly even when eating out, and that has showed them how flexible Food Optimising can be.”

“Losing 10% of their body weight has already lowered the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, low self esteem and depression.”

Slimming World meets every Monday from 10am until 12 noon, and Tuesdays from 3.30pm, 5.15 pm and 7pm at The Old Court House in Jaycroft Road, Burnham.