Council tax bills in Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge look set to fall by a few pence from April after proposals for a ‘standstill budget’ were proposed by town councillors this week.

At a meeting of the Town Council’s Finance and Resources Committee, members proposed a £697,808 budget for the coming financial year.

Councillors voted in favour of a proposal for a decrease to the council’s total budget, reducing it from last year’s £707,399 last year.

It would mean that the Band D council tax equivalent would be £108.50 (down from £111.81 last year).

Mayor Cllr Mike Facey proposed that £10,000 of expected higher energy bills for the Town Council should be funded from its ‘unallocated reserves’ to avoid an increase in council tax bills.

He said: “We are listening to the public and know that some are struggling. I support a budget with no extra burden on the taxpayers.”

While the Town Council’s element of the council tax will decrease, the other contributing parts of the council tax charge – such as Police, district council and county council – have not yet been set.


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