Plans for a major new solar energy farm near Burnham-On-Sea have been unveiled to the concern of some residents.

Navitas Projects Limited has applied for permission to build a solar park with an output of 2.79MW on land north of Wick Lane in Brent Knoll.

One resident, Diane Eddiford who lives nearby, says: “I have very grave concerns for further solar farms in this area. I feel greatly that they have a very negative impact on the countryside in general. I find them hideously offensive. They throw up what I consider to be dangerous mirror effects from sunshine.”

But the developer, Navitas Projects, says: “The site was chosen for the development of solar energy as it has a sufficient area of flat open ground, a good level of solar irradiance and is free from constraints such as statutory environmental designations and overshadowing.”

“The development would not result in significant levels of pollution, noise or odour and, therefore, would not have a significant effect on amenity or the quality of life of nearby residents.”

“The landscape and visual impact of the solar park has been assessed and measures included to mitigate against any potential impacts.”

The site, which measures 5.47 hectares, would see a 2.4m high wire mesh fence built around the perimeter.

The site is one of several in the Burnham area earmarked for solar energy. has previously featured big solar farms in Watchfield and Wedmore and others in Rooksbridge and Mark.