Bridgwater Fair

As Bridgwater Fair returns this week, Somerset’s public health leaders are encouraging people to enjoy the event safely with Covid in mind.

Bridgwater Fair returns to St. Matthews Field from Wednesday 29th September until Saturday 2nd October.

Somerset County Council says that because case numbers in Bridgwater are still high people are being encouraged to enjoy the fair sensibly and take simple steps to ensure the event is Covid-safe.

“This includes testing before the event, wearing face coverings whilst in attendance, keeping distance in crowded areas and testing after the event itself,” says a spokesman.

“Sedgemoor District Council (SDC) has been putting in place measures to make the event as Covid-safe as possible and to remind people about ‘Face, Space, Mask and Fresh Air’.”

“There will be a marquee at the entrance to West Street, which will have hand-sanitiser, face masks and information available as a reminder to fair-goers that Covid-19 is still around, and how to enjoy the event in a safe and responsible manner.”

The fair and West Street market will be open on Wednesday 29th September until Saturday, 2nd October – and there will also be the traditional one-day horse fair and market on Wednesday, 29th September at the top of St Matthew’s Field.

Professor Trudi Grant, Director of Public Health for Somerset County Council, adds: “We hope everybody enjoys the fair and it is a great success, but in light of the recent rise in cases, we must do this safely.”

“We would encourage everyone to get on board with the safety measures such as testing before you attend the fair, keeping your distance whilst there, wearing a mask in crowded areas and to not attend if you feel unwell.  Finally, please, when you are invited, step forward for your vaccination – be it the first, second or booster jab. It really is the best form of defence we have against the virus”.

Clare Paul, Cabinet Member for Education and Public Health, said: “When we welcome visitors to the fair we want to make sure they feel reassured and supported – and we are delighted to be supporting Sedgemoor District Council in promoting the fair, and  the Covid-safe behaviours.  If we all keep up these protective measures, it will help keep our case numbers as low as possible and ensure we can all continue to have the freedoms to do things we so thoroughly enjoy.”

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