This sports car remains stranded on Berrow beach today (Wednesday) after its owner became stuck while driving across the mudflats at the weekend.

The 22 year-old driver from Bristol escaped unhurt as the tide reached it, but the vehicle could not be retrieved before it was submerged and then sank into the mud.

The Toyota Celica first got into difficulty on Saturday evening when the motorist attempted to drive through the deep mud. His wheels quickly sank and he unsuccessfully tried to push it free.

Burnham’s BARB Search & Rescue was called to the scene on Sunday morning, but it was not possible to recover the car safely.

Sedgemoor District Council, which manages Berrow Beach, says it is now in discussions with the car owner to arrange for it to be removed. The council’s Resorts Manager Graham Newing told “We have spoken with the gentleman involved, who is arranging for recovery.”

The incident, which is one of several that have occurred this year along the coastline, raises fresh questions about the safety of vehicles on the beaches.

The car is being ‘swallowed’ by the mud on the beach as tides cover it

The car first became submerged in the sea on Saturday evening. The car is several hundred metres from the top of the beach.