June 24, 2005
Lightning strikes Berrow home as torrential rain sweeps the area

Firefighters were called to a Berrow home in the early hours of Friday (June 24) after it was struck by lightning during an electrical storm.

The former Little Court residential nursing home at Berrow was struck at 6am, but a check of the building by firefighters revealed no fire and little damage.

It came as torrential rain and electrical storms swept across Burnham and the West Country, with more than 40mm of rain falling in just four hours around the Bridgwater Bay area.

Hundreds of homes in Burnham-On-Sea were briefly left without power after lightning struck a power line.

And, as heavy rain lashed the town, the crew of a broken down district council rubbish collection truck on the seafront were faced with the uneviable task of struggling to fix it in the pouring rain at around 9am.

The heavy storms struck Burnham at around 4am and lasted for several hours before the final rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning subsided at lunchtime.


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