A VW Golf that has been stuck in soft sand on Brean Beach for the past five days is scheduled to be recovered on Tuesday. 

As Burnham-On-Sea.com first reported here, the owner of the car had a shock when he found his vehicle submerged in the sea on Wednesday (July 3rd).

Brean Parish Council says it has been waiting on the driver to arrange for a commercial recovery service to remove the vehicle.  Five days – and ten tides – later and it is due to be recovered tomorrow, after earlier being delayed from Monday.

“The car has become a bit of tourist attraction,” said beach warden Dave Furber. “There were lots of people heading out to see it stuck in the sand and mud over the weekend. It’s helping to raise awareness of the dangers.”

The VW Golf is the latest in a series of vehicles to become a victim of fast-incoming tides along Somerset’s coastline.

The beach warden claimed: “The driver, who is from Bristol, claimed he hadn’t seen the warning signs as he drove onto the beach. And both he and the passenger said they hadn’t read the safety leaflet that they were given.”

The vehicle is set to be removed the mud and soft sand by a commercial recovery service.