A woman was rescued from Brean beach on Tuesday afternoon (August 10th) after getting stuck in mud while trying to reach her dog.

Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards were called to help the lady after she got stranded in knee-deep mud near to Brean Down, as pictured here.

One of BARB Search and Rescue’s hovercrafts flew out to the woman with two Coastguards onboard and she was safely moved onto the hovercraft before being flown up the beach to safety.

A Coastguard spokesman said: “A family were visiting the beach when their dog ran out into the mud and the family worried it was stuck.”

“The youngster of the family followed it out and promptly became stuck, then another family member went out and the dog and the youngest came back, leaving the last person firmly wedged up to her knees in her wellington boots.”

“When we arrived on scene, two of our mud rescue technicians kitted up and while they were doing so our colleagues from BARB Search & Rescue were just arriving, having flown their craft from Burnham Beach to our location.”

“The two techs borded the craft and were flown out to the lady where they worked from a stretcher platform, digging her legs out which were firmly gripped by the mud.
Once she was free, she was sat for a while to allow the toxins in the body that build up from being stuck for a long time to disperse safely.”

”Once this finished she was fitted with a safety helmet and goggles and boarded the BARB hovercraft and was flown back to the other team members who assessed her for any medical issues before she left with her family.”

”The hovercraft then flew back out to collect our two rather muddy techs and we all headed back to station for an extensive wash down of the equipment and the team members.”

”We want to remind everyone again that entering into a dangerous situation to try and rescue someone is something that could do more harm than good. Please stay back, stay safe, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguards.”

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