A summer art competition for children in Sedgemoor has been launched by TASS, The Arts Society Sedgemoor.

The group is asking young people who live, study or work in the Sedgemoor area to get involved by create an original piece of art from odds and ends.

The categories are for ages 11-14; 15-18; and 19-21 with a prize of £100 up for grabs to the winner of each age group.

A spokeswoman says: “You can use fabric, plastic, CDs, wood, spectacle frames, metal or glass (no sharp edges or dangerous bits please!), ring pulls, polystyrene, kitchen utensils, feathers, old mobile phones – anything at all!”

“You can find your materials on the beach, at the back of a drawer, in a charity shop, in the garden shed or garage, up in the attic – it doesn’t matter, so long as it’s already been thrown away!”

“When you’ve made it, you can paint or decorate it, if you like, any way you choose. It’s up to you! Let your imagination go wild!”

“Your artwork must measure no more than one metre in any direction, and you must be able to transport it to Bridgwater Arts Centre and put it on display, if it is short-listed for the prize.”

“When you have finished, please photograph it and e-mail your pictures, along with the details we need, to artsedgemoor@gmail.com before November 5th, 2021.

For more details, visit www.theartssocietysedgemoor.org.uk


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