A rescue boat crew from Burnham-On-Sea was called out on Monday (January 22nd) to help wildlife rescuers retrieve a badly injured swan on a canal near Bridgwater.

Secret World called for the help of BARB Search & Rescue’s inshore rescue boat and volunteers at 3.30pm to reach the distressed bird on the Bridgwater Canal.

BARB’s boat was driven by road from Burnham-On-Sea to Fordgate where it was launched onto the Bridgwater Canal with Secret World wildlife expert Graeme Thompson onboard.

“A juvenile swan had been reported to Secret World because one at Fordgate had been dragging its left wing in the water. It clearly needed to be rescued but when we approached it on the banks, it had gone onto the water beyond reach,” said Graeme.

“Our only hope of making the capture was to appeal to BARB for help and they quickly arrived on scene. After a short pursuit, the swan became trapped in reeds and we were able to secure it.”

“The swan was taken straight to Secret World where our fears were confirmed. The left wing had suffered a compound fracture and since there was no possibility of a cure, its suffering was brought to a swift and merciful end when it was put down with an injection.”

He explained: “We were feeling so helpless without a boat to reach the swan, so we are very grateful for the help of BARB’s volunteers. The swan will no longer have to suffer.”

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