Anya Snowball

A talented student who already has links with the Open University has been appointed president of her sixth form psychology society.

Anya Snowball, 16, a high-flying student at The King Alfred School Academy, has been appointed president of the sixth-form Psychology Society.

She is already completing superb curricular work with the Open University in psychology research, obedience and ethics, forensic psychology and introduction to child psychology.

As President, she plans to organise more Zoom Calls with Psychologists, and show others the vast amount of jobs which are available in the field.

She said: “I am definitely very passionate about psychology and have enjoyed every topic so far.”

“I hope that through my role I will be able to explore different career paths alongside the university experiences I am having.”

“I am really interested in forensic psychology and subjects relating sociology to psychology too.”

The academy is a fast-growing 11 to 18 Academy and has also had 10 international students over the last 12 months.


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