Burnham-On-Sea jetty rescue

Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards and RNLI were called to a third rescue in two weeks on the town’s jetty on Sunday (May 31st).

The crews were called to reports of people struggling in the water at the end of the jetty at 12.26pm, less than a day after an earlier incident on Saturday where a photographer videoed the moment a boy was saved from the sea next to Burnham jetty.

In Sunday’s incident, several people jumped into the water to save a child who had fallen from the end of the jetty into the fast-flowing water.

A Coastguard spokesman said: “Persons were reported to be in the water after a child had fallen off the side of the jetty. Other people who were also nearby jumped in to help with multiple people now in the water.”

Burnham-On-Sea jetty rescue
“Two people who had been enjoying the beach were quick to react and one of them grabbed the life ring at the top of the jetty and was able to throw it to the people who were then pulled back into safety.”

“One of the two helpful beachgoers is a Coastguard team member’s wife and she instantly called 999 to report what was happening and gave real-time information. As quickly as it happened it was also finished and all persons were back to safe standing and accounted for.”

“Without the quick thinking of others, this was could’ve been a completely different story.”

“We send massive thanks to the people who took such positive action to ensure those in the water were saved, by throwing in the ring and staying on dry land you were able to save lives without endangering your own.”

Burnham Coastguard is now focussing its patrols around the jetty area during the high tides when it can. Sedgemoor District Council has yet restored its Jetty Supervisor in Burnham amid the Covid-19 restrictions.

“Incidents like this are why we believe education to not only locals but all the people who live inland and have no experience of the beach or awareness of the dangers of the water.
It’s not about who should or shouldn’t be visiting, or how many signs are up.”

A Burnham-On-Sea RNLI spokesman added: “We were tasked to three people in difficulty in the water just off the slipway. The crew were kitted and the boats were about to leave when the launch was cancelled by Coastguard Ops as the casualties had been assisted by members of the public on the slipway.”

“Two RNLI volunteers attended to check on the casualties and were joined by other crew and the Coastguard to speak to members of the public about beach safety. The Coastguard had been on patrol in Brean so had to make there way from there. A good multi agency shout thankfully with a happy ending.”

On May 20th, in a separate incident, a father and daughter were saved by a member of the public at the end of Burnham jetty.

In 2012, Dylan Cecil, a four year-old, died after a fall from the jetty. His body was sadly found washed up near Burnham Sailing Club after a four day search by crews.

Saturday’s jetty rescue captured on video:

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