This group of tiny Shelduck chicks has been rescued after being spotted wobbling their way down a busy road in Burnham-On-Sea.

Photographer Carl Bovis took this photo of the youngsters as they perilously made their way along Berrow Road on Wednesday morning (June 19th).

Wildlife carers from Secret World Wildlife Rescue were called to the scene and they worked with Carl to help the trio to safety.

Carl said: “I had to stop my van to prevent traffic running over these little Shelduck chicks, who were walking down the middle of the main road.”

“I got out and shepherded them down a track off the road, where I took this picture!”

“They then came back out onto the road, and I had to run out and stop the traffic again, where unfortunately they got separated.”

“I chased one down the road and it disappeared down a grassy track. Secret World Wildlife Rescue arrived after I called them and managed to catch the other two.”

“Together with the Secret World volunteers, I tried to find the other chick by looking down the grassy track. We couldn’t find it but we did see an adult Shelduck come down in the field behind it. Fingers crossed it was reunited!”

“So glad that I managed to save them from getting run down on the busy road.”