This tiny dormouse is being cared for by the team at Secret World Wildlife Centre near Burnham-On-Sea after being rescued from a recycling bin.

Marlies Hebdon, Secret World Wildlife Centre spokeswoman, told “This little hazel dormouse weighs 8.5 grams and was rescued from a recycling bin, cold, wet and barely moving.”

“It was thought to have fallen from the trellis above the recycle bin at a property in Taunton on 12th October.”

“Sarah, one of our senior animal carers, slowly warmed up the dormouse and gave it rehydration fluid until it was stable.”

“It is doing well at the moment and without the specialist care that our staff at Secret World can give it would not have made it this far.”

She adds: “With a lifespan of up to five years, the adult hazel dormouse weighs in at 15-20 grams, getting up to 43 grams before going into hibernation.”

“This juvenile dormouse will be with us over winter so that it can put on weight.”


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