A brave little owl that was abandoned on a building site is getting his strength back after help from Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill.

The owl was spotted by a security guard at Lytes Cary Manor in Somerton, covered in flies with no parents around.

Concerned for the owl’s wellbeing, the guard put him in a box and transported him to Secret World for assessment.

Animal carer Katie Gibbs is now looking after the little owl, who has been named Maximus. Katie names all her owls after Roman gladiators as they are “little warriors”.

“When he first came in Maximus was very dehydrated and weak,” said Katie. “I have been amazed at his recovery, and he is now very strong. He is thriving!”

Maximus has now been moved into a bigger pod, where he has more space to move around.

In time he will be introduced to the other little owls on site and they will form a family group.

This group will then be released together in the autumn, when a suitable release site has been found.

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