Shops in Burnham-On-Sea saw mostly positive business during the run-up to Christmas, even though some traders say the closure of Morrisons has reduced the number of shoppers in the town centre. has spoken to a cross-section of shop owners this week to get their feedback on how the crucial festive trading period has gone.

Burnham-On-Sea fishmonger Steve Wright at Seafoods in the High Street added: “It’s been a good month of trade for us. The final week before Christmas was especially busy with extra poultry and fish sales. We’re up on last year.”

Les Barber at Bessie’s Sweet Shoppe said: “It was a quiet start to the month but then it got busier in the run-up to the big day. Overall our trade was comparable to last year despite the town being fairly quiet.”

Colin Morris at GW Hurleys added: “Our toy shop and newsagent have had a fair month as a whole. I can’t complain, it’s not been our best Christmas ever but overall trade has been fair. That said, I think Sedgemoor District Council could be helping us far more by providing free parking for shoppers in the run-up to Christmas.”

Rhonda Mills at Sea Breeze in Victoria Street added: “There’s been a good atmosphere in the town centre and trade has been quite steady over the whole month – it’s been similar to last year.”

Anne Tasker at card and gift shop Sentiments added: “It’s been a quite positive month for us, although trade is slightly down for us on last year.”

Ian Hampton at Books and Puzzles added: “Year on year, this month’s trade is about the same for us as 2014, even with Morrisons closing.”

Janet Probert at gift shop With Love in the High Street said: “Unfortunately, we haven’t had as good a December as last year – we were busy with last-minute gift buying but overall the month was disappointing. I think the footfall has been reduced since the closure of Morrisons.”

Carrie Davies at gift shop Inspirations agreed: “The last two weeks of December have been all right for trade, but the first half was quiet and I do wonder whether Morrisons closing was to blame in reducing the number of people in town.”

Sweet Shack’s Lyn Lawrence added: “It’s been very slow since Morrisons closed – the footfall has been hit although the final week has been better and overall the month is comparable with last year.”