The organiser of car boot sales at Burnham-On-Sea’s BASC sports ground was forced to cancel Saturday’s event due to the travellers camped there.

The popular weekly event at the sports ground in Stoddens Road was cancelled by organiser Paul Stewart “for the public’s safety.”

It comes as police have been monitoring more than 20 travellers and their vehicles this week, as pictured here.

But officers say there is little they can do to move them on because they are on private land.

Paul Stewart told “The travellers appear to have caused a lot of damage to our equipment, with many crowd control barriers and plastic fencing being damaged and twisted. It’s a right mess.”

“Regrettably, the car boot sale couldn’t go ahead and we apologise to our regular visitors – we had no option but to cancel. We hope to be back again next Saturday if they have gone.”

The travellers had told BASC Ground bosses that they intended to leave on Saturday, as we reported here.