A Burnham-On-Sea metal detecting enthusiast has unearthed this ancient Roman coin dating back to the Constantine era from a field outside Highbridge.

Morley Howard, pictured right on Burnham beach, made the discovery of the coin – which historians say was minted in AD 322 – while metal detecting on land near West Huntspill.

The coin, weighing 2.85g, is made of Roman copper alloy and bears an image of Constantine I, as pictured above.

“It’s certainly my oldest discovery to date in the Burnham area and is a great find,” he told Burnham-On-Sea.com. “It’s not my only discovery this year, though.”

Morley has also recently found a post-medieval sliver hook clasp, pictured below, which the British Museum has officially declared ‘treasure’.

The 400 year-old item was discovered when Morley sought permission from a land owner to use his metal detector there.

“It’s a super find. The British Museum has classed it as treasure and Taunton Museum has expressed an interest in acquiring it. The value of the items will likely be split between me and the land owner,” he added.

A spokesman at the British Museum says: “I confirm that we have received the post-medieval sliver hook clasp into the care of the British Museum and as such the object in question can be examined by a British Museum curator and, if necessary, non-destructive scientific analysis can be carried out.”

“The find has been declared treasure at the coroner’s inquest – its delivery to the British Museum now means that in due course it can be examined by expert valuers and put before Treasure Valuation Committee as part of the valuation process.”

Morley, who only took up metal detecting last July, leads the Somerset Artifact Seekers Metal Detecting Club and has also recently found an Edward III coin in the Burnham area.

“I love metal detecting – you never know what you will find. There are so many items of historical interest just waiting to be found underground,” he added.

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